Humble Beginnings
Four they were, who set out on a quest to find their mentor

The young warlord Nobu Tanglar, the apprentice soceress Lyra Ta’allus, Berriene Lestazy the student of wizardry, and the would-be knight Galain Mikal. All young heroes, all taken in and trained by the dwarf adventurer Douven Stahl.

Six months in, Douven sets out in search of treasure and doesn’t return. So the foursome set forth in search of their mentor.

They come to Winterhaven, a small human village.

On the way, they are ambushed by Kobolds, who prove no match for their training so far. They find out information about Douven, who’s gone to a rumored dragon burial site.

They set out but are waylaid again.

This time, the kobolds brought more: tougher warriors and sterner magic—a more disciplined warband that puts the heroes to the test. They survive but barely, only to find that the leader of the Kobolds wears a necklace marked with the symbol of Orcus, Prince of Demons. Will they get more than they argained for upon finding their dwarven master?

A Rude Awakening?
A Taste of Adventure

They heroes awake later that evening to find a large bull-headed headed creature brooding by their campfire. Could they be under attack?

Luckily, cooler heads prevailed as they find out Nobu Tanglar had sent for reinforcements after being called away—but what could be more urgent or important than the rescue of Douven Stahl? The hulking figure is Minotaur warrior Asteron Yar, a powerful fighter and friend of Douven.

Strengthened by the new arrival, the heroes find the dragon burial site and defeat sinister opponents: a sneaky Gnome and his dragon-like pet, a bunch of his human followers, and a ghostly apparition of a man named Kalarel. They find a bound and gagged Douven, who explained that he’d been forced to help the evil Gnome locate an ancient mirror, which is required in a ritual to open a portal to the Shadowfell, the dark and cursed realm of death. After the brief reuinion, Douven departs for home but first asks his proteges to get to the root of this impending evil and put a stop to it if need be.

The heroes return to Winterhaven.

There, they find out from the mysterious Elf Ninaren about a cult activity towards the southeast, where the kobolds have set up a lair. The mayor of Winterhaven, Lord Padraig, begs the heroes to eradicate the problem and make the roads to Winterhaven safe once more, and after much bargaining (that’s you Berriene Lestazy), decide to take up the task.


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